Energy Efficiency Economics & Markets



EnergyConsult offer consulting services in the following areas:


Energy Market Modelling, Forecasting and Research

  • Development of complex energy consumption and demand models
  • Forecasting the impacts of consumer and technology changes on energy consumption and demand 
  • Forecasting the impact of energy efficiency changes on energy consumption and demand
  • Research of factors affecting energy usage and demand

Energy Productivity and Energy Efficiency Policy and Program Development

  • Energy productivity and efficiency policy development and modelling
  • Energy efficiency program development and support
  • Regulatory impact statements
  • Impact forecasting, modelling and analysis
  • Energy consumption and product use research
  • Assessment of energy saving potential and cost benefits
  • Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Energy Labelling
  • Development of program materials and communications
  • Greenhouse measurement and impacts
  • Energy auditing 
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Energy Economic Analysis and Market Research


Concentrating in the areas of energy productivity and efficiency, EnergyConsult offer consulting services to support policy design and program implementation for government or business organisations.  Our services include:

  • Detailed modelling of energy use and market changes
  • Market and economic assessment of policies and program initiatives
  • Cost benefit analyses based on energy impact analyses
  • Market research services
  • Monitoring and evaluation