Energy Efficiency Economics & Markets

Australian and New Zealand Residential Baseline Energy End-use Model

Client: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

This project involving the development of a comprehensive residential energy end use model for Australia and New Zealand, which modelled the historical energy use from 2000 to 2014 and project forward energy demand to 2030.  It found the Australian residential sector was experiencing an unprecedented decline in energy use, and that energy use was not projected to increase until after 2021. The study provides a quantitative basis for a scenario modelling of potential energy market and energy efficiency policy measures by the Australian Government, the New Zealand Government and industry. The data modelled from this study also can provide the baselines for energy efficiency assessments of products and household usage. The data and associated model was designed to be flexible and can be updated with new raw data annually (i.e. sales, efficiency).  The model is based on a bottom up energy end-use model of end-uses and appliances in the residential sector for major fuels and also models potential peak demand.

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