Energy Efficiency Economics & Markets

Investigative Review of Data Management and Analysis of the AGO

Client: the Australian Greenhouse Office

EnergyConsult worked with SMS Consulting in reviewing the data management and analysis methodologies used by all the AGO teams. The project's goal was to provide high-level guidance and recommendations on approaches to improve data management and analysis in the AGO. EnergyConsult's role was to determine the greenhouse gas data collection methods and abatement measurement methods currently being used by the AGO, and to advise on the appropriateness of their data sources, methodologies, emissions factors, program monitoring and modelling tools. This work required a thorough understanding of all of the AGO abatement programs, data collection approaches, measurement methodologies and related areas of the Kyoto Protocol. EnergyConsult facilitated staff and management workshops, interviewed executives from all organisational areas and conducted structured interviews with the majority of the 20 AGO teams. A comprehensive analysis of qualitative and quantitative results and detailed report was prepared.