Energy Efficiency Economics & Markets

Development of CBA & RIS: One Watt Horizontal Standby MEPS

Client: Department Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Regulatory Impact Statements (RIS) are produced to support the introduction of regulations in Australia and New Zealand. This RIS focused on whether introducing a 'horizontal' MEPS which would be applicable to any appliance using standby power, and not covered by existing product specific regulations, was justifiable. The RIS established whether or not the introduction of any regulation, including Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for appliances, results in net economic, social and environmental benefit for the economy and the country. The RIS includes detailed assessment of economic, social and environmental impacts of the proposed regulations and provides thorough cost-benefits analysis. EnergyConsult undertook the research, analysis and report preparation for the RIS.

For more information: refer to the report here